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DataCore Hyper-converged Virtual SAN

Create a high-performance, cost-effective hyper-converged infrastructure using DAS or internal storage on your cluster of hosts.

The DataCore™ Hyper-converged Virtual SAN software pools, replicates and caches the internal storage from your servers without requiring a separate external SAN.

  • Only 2 nodes needed for high-availability
  • Up to 10X performance improvement from RAM caching
  • Supports all of the major hypervisors

Ideal for Remote Office / Branch Office (ROBO) environments that require high availability in a low-cost, small footprint, as well as latency-sensitive environments where you want to move data close to your database applications, but need to share it across a cluster of servers.

  • Scale out from 2 to 64 Nodes
  • Scale up to 64 PB
  • Accelerate IOPS up to 100 million

Hyper-converged Virtual SAN delivers solutions for:

Small Server Clusters in Remote Sites, Branch Offices and Space-constrained Computer Rooms
Put the internal storage capacity of your servers to work as a shared resource while protecting your data against server outages simply by adding DataCore Virtual SAN software.

Latency-sensitive database applications
Speed up response and throughput by caching reads and writes from fast server RAM memory and keeping data close to the applications.

Combine Hyper-converged systems with SAN and Cloud Storage into an Integrated Storage Infrastructure

Leverage resources from all and manage them centrally from the same console to scale storage capacity independently of compute and memory.

Integrated Storage Architecture

Enjoy all of the rich services you require for the fastest performance, highest availability, and optimal capacity utilization. Perfected over 17 years and 10,000 customers in large data centers, now available for your DataCore Virtual SAN.

Feature Highlights Summary

  • Lower cost since only 2 nodes needed for High Availability when others require 3 or more
  • Up to 10X performance improvement from RAM cache
  • Flash is not required though it can be used as a tier of persistent storage
  • Integrated Storage Architecture leverages internal storage, external DAS, SAN and cloud storage
  • Eliminates “data islands’ and management complexity of hyper-converged storage silos
  • Works with all major hypervisors and can run natively on Windows Server 2012 and Hyper-V
  • Scales to 64 nodes
  • Broad choice of hardware platforms

For in-depth information download the DataCore Virtual SAN Technical Whitepaper.

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